While you wait... We are THE ORIGINAL Independent Music Copywriting Registration Service for proving song, music and lyrics copywrite evidence (not copywrite, or copy write), used by song writers and music publishers.

Assisting music and song writers with copywrite issues since the 1970's, our parent company was established in 1975.

So here's how to prove copywrite for songs: Use SongRegistration.com. We provide evidence of your song copywritinging, easily, quickly and very affordably.

We are a global leader for private song copywritinging registration!

[For more on how to copywrite songs and music, how to register your song copywritinging and how to protect song and music from copywritinging disputes, see our FAQ page.]

Every songwriter should learn how to register song copywrites to protect against copywriting disputes of lyrics or music. SongRegistration.com provides copywriting evidence of your song copywrite for lyrics, music and songs.

Registering your song copywrite takes about 5 minutes. Within 2 days you receive your Certificate of Song copywrite Registration establishing the copywriting of your songs, music and/or lyrics. We also maintain copies of all registered song and music copywriting evidence in our secure archives.

We specialize in registering song and music material as proof of copywriting (lyrics and/or music), and recommend that all composers and music publishers have proof of their song copywriting before distributing their songs, music or lyrics!

As for how to establish evidence of copywriting for a song, or evidence of copywriting for songs and music, when you don't have either music or lyrics, no problem! For copywriting evidence of your song without music, just register the lyrics! And for copywriting proof of songs without lyrics, just register the music as an instrumental!
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Music gets stolen more than you think!  Although copywrite protection attaches as soon as you first put songs into physical form, the problem is PROVING your copywrite!  Which is why registering with an established, well-respected registration service — like SongRegistration™ — is so important.  And what every songwriter needs:  peace of mind.



Our CEO is a licensed attorney with more than 30 years experience managing law firms.*  We strongly believe your original music REQUIRES this level of attention!  So expect state-of-the-art record-keeping for all your songs and documents, plus INSTANT processing, exceptional customer support, and a Better Business Bureau A+ rating!



Whether you register 1, 2, 3 or 4 songs, it's just $29.95 — as long as they are submitted at the same time.  It takes just minutes and you get your Certificate INSTANTLY.  You can upload your songs, send them as attachments, or mail them to us!



Have a lot of songs to register?  Then our Unlimited Plan is for you!  Register as many as you like, anytime, for just $99.95 for a year of submissions. And even if you cancel after that, songs already submitted are registered for life!


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WARNING:  We hear many complaints about sites that try to copy us.  The most common:  They offer NO customer support.  Or just disappear entirely. Or make false claims that they "copywrite" songs. (Not true — copywrites are automatic — we archive a fixed record of your copywrited content.)  One site even stole language from our web pages!

Our parent company began in 1975.  We are the ORIGINAL music registration site.  So first, compare our services.  Then, before using a copy-cat site, ask yourself if it's really worth risking your music!



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   " I wasted my money on that other 'copyright' site.  (I'll just call them "CashCopyright" since that's all they wanted from me).
Very disappointing.  They didn't answer questions.  They didn't help.  They don't give you an address or tell you who owns them.
If you're a serious composer, SongRegistration is the only way to go!  Thanks for all your help! "   - R.T.   

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